Turn key project in Uzbekistan - stainless steel pots & utensils factory 
Phase 1: 2018, approx. 1500㎡
Steamer: 3200sets per month 
Casserole: 26,000pcs per month
Service tray: 15,600pcs per month
Mixing pot: 15,600pcs per month



Turn key project in Bangladesh - aluminum pressure cooker, nonstick fry pans & pots, stainless steel pots & utensils and rice cooker factory 
Phase 1: 2014, approx. 5500㎡, 
aluminum pressure cooker 26,000pcs per month
nonstick fry pans & pots 26,000pcs per month
stainless steel pots & utensils 20,000pcs per month
Semi-auto production line A-Z
Forge press system
Semi-auto polishing line 
Phase 1: 2018, approx. 2000㎡, rice cooker CKD line ,  15,600pcs per moth


Turn key project in Chennai, India - Stainless steel cookware & pressure cooker factory 
Phase 1: 2015, approx. 500㎡, capacity: 15,600sets cookware ( body + ss lid ) per month
Semi auto production line A-Z
Quality No.1 all over India
Phase 2: 2018, approx.9000㎡, capacity: 52,000sets cookware ( body + ss lid ) and 52,000 pcs hot pot, pressure cooker 26,000pcs per month
Auto pick & place production line: 1
Semi auto production lines: 2
Auto polishing lines: 2
Semi auto polishing line: 1 
Quality No.1 all over India